Size Guide

Kimono Tops

Two sizes available, these free flowing kimono tops have a scooped hem which is longer at the back than the front.

The front panels are designed to just drape and fall naturally, but for those who are larger busted and wish to have the front panels cover them completely, you may like to size up.

Our kimonos fold up tiny, so perfect for traveling, and are a nice cover up for your shoulders. Dress up any outfit, from your favourite comfy jeans to a summer dress.

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Kimono Jackets

These jackets come with a belt so you can wear it secured shut or loosey-goosey.

As opposed to our kimono tops, these have a straight/box hem. If you're wearing it open, sometimes it's nice to tie the belt in a bow behind you to cinch some of the extra fabric back.

The large size does run larger than our kimono tops, so it can accommodate up to a size 22 AU, or larger if you wear it open.

If you are in between sizes, the smaller size might suit best.

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Dressing Gowns

Don't let the name fool you, these mid-length dressing gowns can be warn as knee-length kimonos, over jeans or a dress, just as much as a robe.

The larger size does tend to run a little small, so if you're right on the middle of the two sizes, not a bad idea to size up.

If you want to wear it solely as a dressing gown, are bigger in the bust and hips, and like lots of fabric to wrap around you, the large size might suit you better too.

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Kimono Robes

These full length robes sit just above the ankle for most, and include pockets and internal ties to secure shut.

The large size does run larger than the mid-length dressing gown (running up to a size 22 AU), so keep that in mind if you are in between the sizes. If you're an hourglass shape and want heaps of fabric to wrap around you when you wear it as a robe, then the larger size would work best, otherwise, size down.

These robes are amazing as a duster jacket. So if you do intend to wear only as a jacket, you might wish to size down.

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