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Poppy Kimono Robe
Norah Skilton (Brisbane, AU)
Beautiful Kimono / Robes

The robes are Christmas presents, they are beautiful and soft and lovingly gift wrapped. I am sure the recipients will adore them.

Sydney Silk Scarf
K (Melbourne, AU)

another beautiful scarf and colours blend perfectly.

Dark Poppy Wool Scarf
Anonymous (Melbourne, AU)

beautiful and a joy to wear.

Blue Kimono Jacket
Jenny Provan (Hobart, AU)
Rich navy blue short kimono.

This arrived in time for me to take it to hospital where it made me feel just a little bit glam in what could otherwise have been a miserable time.
I love it and it joins my longer dark Poppy kimono. Love them both.

Gillian Kimono Robe
Rachael Trimble (Wangaratta, AU)
Extremely happy client

I purchased this robe for my son's partner and she is over the moon with the style, feel of the fabric and overall product. From a purchasing point of view, fantastic communication and speedy delivery. Will definitely purchase from Squeak again

Midnight Ink Kimono Robe
Janelle Bromage (Brisbane, AU)

so lovely

Casey Kimono Robe
Lucy (Melbourne, AU)
Beautiful product, great customer service

This makes such a great gift, a special and luxurious robe while being affordable. Beautifully packaged and top customer service too. Highly recommend.

Midnight Ink Silk Pillowcase
Lyn T (Melbourne, AU)
Love the midnight blue design

Finally got the pillowcase to go with my robe - love them both :)

Midnight Ink Kimono Jacket
gaye mccabe (Melbourne, AU)
Beautiful and flowy

I've worn this twice and have received many compliments. So comfy and beautifully made. Really impressed with this item, thank you

Sage Silk Velvet Kimono Robe
kalli blunt (Melbourne, AU)
For myself

I’ve recently separated and needing to fill that bit of self care with love, it definitely was the correct decision. Love the fit and shorter arms for being in the kitchen, and love the fact it’s locally designed and packaged.

Romantic Kimono Jacket
Vatsala Agarwal (Melbourne, AU)
Silk kimono

Love the kimono! Good quality. Lovely colours.

Dark Romantic Kimono Robe
Kathrine (Brisbane, AU)
Highly recommend

This kimono is perfect for day to day wear and dressier occasions. Lovely fabric and pattern. True to size.

Musk Silk Velvet Kimono Robe
Micah Caverley (Melbourne, AU)

Lovely robe, although not made to last. Lining would have helped with this product.

Sage Silk Velvet Kimono Robe
Anne-Liis Timmermann (Tallinn, EE)


Dark Magnolia Kimono
RL (Perth, AU)

Beautiful kimono in every way.
Lovely pattern, material, length and fit.
Definitely recommend

Olivia Silk Kimono
RL (Perth, AU)

Beautiful kimono in every way.
Lovely pattern, material, length and fit.
Definitely recommend

Josie Wool Scarf
Angela (Perth, AU)
fabulous scarf

Purchased the 'Josie' wool scarf as a gift and when the pretty pink Squeak gufbix was opened they were delighted with the quality, design and feel of the fine wool. As the owner of two Squeak silk kimonos purchased last year which get lots of positive comments, I knew the quality of the scarf would be just as lovely.

Emmie Wool Scarf
Ulrica (Gnesta, SE)
Love my Emmie Wool Scarf!

The Emmie wool scarf is beautiful. Soft, light and warm fabric with a stunning print. Love it!

Lush + luscious

If you're on the fence about buying yourself a silk velvet robe, then I'm going to say to you: just do it. The feel of this fabric is amazing. The drape-o'meter is set to max, it falls like water but is just the right weight when you put it on to immediately relax you.

It's luxury made real, the cut is fabulous and it falls at the exact right points no matter how you wear it or how you tie the sash. The sleeves are the perfect length to not get in the way, but also drape just right.

I love relaxing in it with my cuppa in the morning, and putting it on when I get out of my work clothes too. And I'm about to wear it to go out as a statement long jacket later this week. I can see I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this piece, and enjoy every second of it.

It's fabulous, I adore it.

Casey Kimono Robe
Jasmyne (Melbourne, AU)

Honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever treated myself to. The colours are gorgeous and vibrant and the material and stitching are high quality. My new favourite robe!

Poppy Silk Scarf
Georgina Williams (Canberra, AU)
Poppy silk scarf

Excellent quality beautiful scarf. Received quickly which was great for giving this gift in plenty of time.

Sage Silk Velvet Kimono
Jodie (Brisbane, AU)
Very nice

Although it's not quite as deep of a green colour that I'd hoped (photo on the website is a shade darker than irl but every phone screen lighting is different), it's still very beautiful & I even wore it to a wedding (as a vendor). I bought the blue one a few months ago and adored it, so bought this one too. Might get another colour next time. I was able to buy it while on special at a great price. Not sure I could afford it at full price.

Josie Kimono Robe
Helen Bladen (Canberra, AU)

I love my Kimono Robe; however, I do have an issue with the new style belt, it’s not long enough. It would be great if you would either extend the length of the new style or go back to the longer white silk.
Cheers, Helen

Pillow Cases

They are a beautiful product….

Simply gorgeous!

Beautifully tailored, stunning colour! I just love it - thank you.