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About Us


Squeak is a small design business started up by Pippa Oostergetel, a Textile Designer from Melbourne, Australia… yep, you guessed it, she was known as Pipsqueak growing up. A lover of scarves and colour, Pippa decided to break out on her own and start designing the things that make her truly happy. With a deep breath she left the safety of the commercial design world and started up Squeak. All designs are 100% original and 100% lovely! Our scarves are digitally printed onto silks and cashmeres, and our homewares onto cottons and velvets. Digital print allows the designs to be as photographic, as detailed and as colourful as possible. What’s not to love about that?!


Well that’s a good question! Any tarot card readers out there are more than welcome to let us know. The beauty of digital printing onto fabrics makes Squeak’s future endless in possibilities. We’ll just have to wait and see!